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  • Sawmill and Lumber.

Local South Carolina Lumber

Wagner Farms LLC

We mill hardwood and softwood lumber with our own band sawmill. The Upcountry of South Carolina is host to well over 100 different species of native trees, as well as many other species people plant as ornamentals. We currently have at least twelve species of lumber dry and ready to use, as well as at least nine more species drying. We are constantly milling new species of logs from tree removals by DEHS, from Wagner Farms, LLC, and from customers who would like lumber milled from their own property.

We usually have a good supply of logs on hand, in case you wish to have some lumber milled to an exact specification. Species we usually keep well-stocked include oak (red and white), yellow poplar (tulip), yellow and white pine, eastern red cedar, sweetgum, red maple (including many that are figured or have ambrosia markings in them), magnolia, and black locust. We often have many other species too, including black cherry, black walnut, box elder (ash-leaf maple), silver maple, holly, and others.

Various people use lumber for many different things. If you just need framing lumber, you can easily buy it in bulk at your favorite home improvement warehouse. We offer you many more options. Besides simply being able to buy lumber from our ever-growing species list, you can also buy different styles and sizes of lumber, including some that are hard to find elsewhere. We often mill a lot of figured wood, including walnut, maple, and cherry crotch wood, and maple with cluster burls. We mill both straight-edged and live-edged lumber. Live-edged lumber is more rustic looking, and can be used for many special projects such as for the facing edge of a fireplace mantle. We also mill beams, and thick slabs up to 24 inches wide sometimes slightly wider at the widest point. These slabs are great for making tabletops, counters, mantel pieces, bars, benches, and so on.

With our sawmill, we are also able to cut thin strips of wood, down to about 1/8 inch thick, for veneer. This is great for many fine cabinetry projects, or musical instrument making. Of special note is our hard-to-find American holly lumber, an ivory-colored fine hardwood often used for veneer, inlay, or turning.

If you have your own logs, and wish them to be milled into lumber, bring them to us and we can mill them for you to your specifications. In most cases, we will be able to pick up your logs for you for an additional fee.

Whatever your woodworking needs, please let us help you find what you're looking for.

For a free estimate, please call Daniel Wagner at (864) 630-7266, email danstreecare@gmail.com, or submit a request online.

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