Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification:

For insurance verification, please contact us to let us know what you need, and we will have it sent directly to you from the insurance agency on an official certificate for your property with our policy information and dates. This would be for Dan's Exterior Home Services, LLC, DBA (Doing Business As) Dan's Tree Care (which is a division of DEHS). This verification certificate can be mailed, faxed, or emailed so let us know what method is easiest for you, or we can put you in contact with our agent directly.

But not to worry, we never make mistrakes, or do we?!?

Unfortunately, yes! Since the beginning of operation in 2006, Dan's Exterior Home Services has had about six accidents involving damage to a customer's property, all of them tree-related. The most expensive one ($700) was a power line hit by a falling branch (it split 9' to reach the line), one was a window about 35' from a small but very dead and brittle falling tree from which a branch broke off and struck, and most of the others were fences that a tree or limb hit. To avoid increase in insurance premiums for minor damage, in each case Dan's Tree Care has paid for or completed the repairs out-of-pocket. Total cost for all repairs to date is approximately $1450 (updated January, 2013). We are thankful for each incident as it was a learning experience and helps us to become more aware of some of the unpredictabilities involved in this type of work as well as a few specific, non-intuitive dangers. For example, one wrought iron fence was damaged by a sweet gum tree that--although property notched and pulled with a rope--bent over onto the fence. We learned from this $300 mistake that the fibers of sweet gum are not like other trees: because they are so wrapped and twisted around each other they stretch so that precision felling a sweet gum tree can be like trying to cut down a rubber band!

In any case, you can rest assured that we stand behind our work and guarantee that you will be satisfied with everything we do, and, if necessary, with any repairs, replacement, or recompense for any damage done to your property. Furthermore, although tree work is inherently dangerous--and while we might even "gamble" with the possibility of repairing a low-cost fence in rare cases--we never take any chances with homes or vehicles, and certainly not with the lives of any worker or anyone else in the area. If you would like referrals, please contact us.

We offer complete insurance protection for your security and protection of your property. You should request a letter of insurance verification directly from the insurance agency for our company (or any other company) with policy dates and details, contractor company information, insurance company information, and your name and address before any work is begun. Please note that there is no licensing for tree work by the state of South Carolina; therefore no tree service provider can be bonded for tree work in this state.

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