Firewood And Mulch

Firewood and Mulch

Premium Hardwood Firewood, Fresh Mulch, and Sawdust for Sale

We love to find ways to save trees when they can be pruned or cabled without removal, but when they must be removed, we like to save all the by-products that come from the trees that we cut down. So we have a portable saw mill to mill lumber, a chipper to produce wood chips (mulch), and we cut and split dead hardwood into firewood that can be burned for heat, smoking meats, etc.

With our portable sawmill, we can mill your logs into lumber according to the exact dimensions that you specify.

All firewood we sell is quality hardwood, usually mostly oak (never pine or evergreen unless you request it). You can buy a small-size pickup load, the truck and 5x10 trailer, or a dump truck load (23,000# gross vehicle weight, 14.5' x 8' bed). Trip charges may apply if you are very far away. You can also come pick it up for less, or get it directly from a job site for much greater discounts. Availability is limited and some wood may not be available during the winter season.

We also let you keep your own wood chips or deliver loads of fresh wood chips for mulch, paths, covering mud, etc. by the dump truck load. We frequently have a variety of types--usually fresh but sometimes dried/cured, both hardwood (usually with leaves except in winter) and pine chips (with needles) or sometimes mixed. Cedar chips are sometimes available.

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