• Excavation and Grading.
  • Excavation and Grading.

Excavation and Grading

Dan's Exterior Home Services provides light- to medium-duty grading services. With our Bobcat, bulldozer, tractors, backhoe, etc. we can clear land, level building sites, clear away debris, smooth driveways, and dig holes. Many other projects are possible as well. Let us know how we can help you improve your property!

Services include:

  • Excavation/Grading, bulldozing, Bobcat/skid steer work, etc.
  • Smaller sized backhoe/loader for small digging and trenching operations down to 9 feet
  • Waste material, stumps, dirt, logs, trees, debris, gravel, wood chips/mulch, firewood, etc, cleaned up and/or hauled away or delivered
  • Stump uprooting and stump grinding
  • Bush hog mowing
  • Post hole digging with auger
  • Box-blading, land leveling
  • Dirt, gravel, or crushed asphalt driveway and parking lot repair or installation work
  • Digging foundations for houses, garages, etc.

Available equipment includes:

  • Bobcat 751 skidsteer loader, with bucket and pallet forks
  • John Deere 350 bulldozer
  • MF1260 tractor-loader-backhoe
  • MF Industrial 30 tractor/loader
  • Single-axle dump truck and two log trucks
  • Various stump grinders, one with hydraulic wheels that can be pulled in to go through small walk gates and access virtually any stump
  • MH farm tractor with multiple farm attachments for hay baling, seeding, fertilizer, etc., as well as augur, box scraper blade, and bush hog mower
  • Off-road 4WD light-duty crane truck with 45' boom and 2 ton lift

For a free estimate, please call Dan Wagner at (864) 630-7266, email danstreecare@gmail.com, or submit a request online.

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