Our Discounts and Offer Coupons

Our Discounts and Offer Coupons:

We typically seek to devote a minimum of one full day each month of community service or charity work for non-profit organizations--camps, churches, missions, etc.--or for individuals with special needs or hardships. Some examples include Camp Sunrise (www.CampSunrise.com), St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center (http://www.stchristopher.org/), Camp Hope (www.CampHopeGA.org), and Look Up Lodge (http://www.lookuplodge.com/). If you know of an organization or individual that you think might qualify for such services and has a need for work such as what we perform at Dan's Exterior Home Services, please contact Dan Wagner.

In addition, we provide discounted services for those who are either currently involved in or retired from activities in the private sector such as teaching or educational services (either private or home schooling), ministry or missions work, the US military, emergency services (fire, EMS), and some other forms of community service (e.g. scouts). This applies to both volunteers (e.g. volunteer fire dept, home educators) and paid workers in such vocations. You can use the coupon below along with qualifying documentation to verify your participation in an applicable service to receive a 10% discount applicable to the price of labor. This discount must be used or spoken of at the time of sale (after a verbal quotation or estimate has been given to you but before the contract is written and signed).

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